Ex Libris Nameplates

Ex Libris Nameplates

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Sticker Club exclusive! Only available to members of our Sticker Club. Check-out from here to make this your first set! (This is a subscription-only

New Vintage Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket 24 Book Plates Ex Libris - Ruby Lane

Alphonse Legros, Impression from a name plate for Edward D. Adams

Ex Libris Bookplate Ale Horn and Spear - Ex Libris Bookplate - Magnet

Art Nouveau Girl Reading Book Ex Libris Template Square Sticker

Sandpiper Trio Ex Libris Stamp Personal Library Stamp Sandpiper Gift Rubber Stamp Sandpipers Personalised Stamp Bookplate Stamp

Ex libris - Ex Libris - Sticker

Ex libris bookplate hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

These vintage style bookplates feature a sword hilt and helm atop a book. The design has the feel of an antique etching, on a background of aged

Ex Libris Book Plates with Medieval Helm and Sword: Set of 24 Self-Adhesive Labels

Name plate doctor dr hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

Ex Libris Stamps

on a 4 x 6 engraved maple mount.Ex Libris (latin for from the books) stamps, or bookplate stamps, are used to indicate ownership of a

Banner Ex Libris Stamp