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Somos Optimus, tu ferretería de confianza y proximidad. Tenemos las herramientas que necesitas para realizar todos tus proyectos. Además de consejos, promociones y la red más extensa de ferreterías de proximidad ¡a tu alcance!

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Here comes the Pocket Monuments Micro Scale Transformers Optimus Prime – a miniature marvel crafted from high-quality ABS material. Standing at a

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Autobots, roll out! Living among humans, hiding in plain sight and watching over us are the heroes known as Transformers. You'll have a hero living among you, complete with lights and sound with this Transformers Optimus Prime Converting RC.Optimus converts from a truck to robot and back with the push of a button, so he will be waiting and protecting at all times. Expertly designed for smooth driving and transforming performance.

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